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Gone are the days of generic exercise programmes, yes Yoga is good for some body types, yes HIIT training is good for other body types, some of us will respond to weight training and gain muscle while others of us will struggle to lose weight . . . . . how do you know the best type of exercise for you?

Gone are the days of extreme diets, yes a Paleo diet is right for some body types, as is a Ketogenic diet right for others, some body types will respond to a vegetarian diet as will some benefit from consuming more carb’s . . . . . how will you know what are the best foods for you?

Using a simple, non-invasive, process we will create your personal health profile then using your bio-type you'll know, understand and do what is right for your body, your health.

Eliminate the guesswork . . . . . the future of personalised health is here.

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